Forest walk with experienced guide

Come along on a forest walk on the Vindön mountain, including a scenic sandwich-stop. We enjoy the bird song, the beautiful forest, the shade, and some blue berries too. The guide Anette Bargel leads the way among the forest paths and talks of the surroundings, Bohuslän and the Swedish fauna and forest.

We walk at a pleasant pace along the paths until we reach the top and the nice fjord view. There we have our pic nic with the sandwiches and fruit brought along by the guide. Then we return along other paths. 

Anette Bargel is a certified guide from The Guides of Bohuslän. Read more about her on her web site Saltaguiden.

Good to bring: Steady shoes, water, camera and the beverage you prefer for our scenic sandwich stop. 

When: Thursdays at 9-12, starting from the camping. 

Cost:  SEK 300 kr per person. Included in the activity; the walk 

Signing up: At the reception desk or by phone +46 (0)304-391 48, email